International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers • Local 210 • Absecon, NJ • 609-484-1155

About Us

Local Union 210 was chartered by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers on December 31, 1902. In the early years, Local 210 represented primarily contract electrical workers. We do not have much history on the number of members we had or who our members worked for.

On, September 6, 1941, Local 210 signed its first collective bargaining agreement with Atlantic City Electric Company. Since that date we have negotiated 33 renewal contracts for the physical workforce there. On October 29, 1998 Local 210 gained recognition for the Field Engineer title, which established our second bargaining agreement with Atlantic City Electric Company. In addition to our collective bargaining agreements with Atlantic City Electric Company, Local 210 has three bargaining agreements with The City of Vineland, which include the Electric Utility, (Unit I), the Blue Collar workers from City Hall, Water Utility and Road Department, (Unit II) and the Supervisors, (Unit III).

Local 210’s current membership is approximately 1000. We had reached a high of approximately 1800 back in the 1970’s. Deregulation and technology changes have been the main reason for the decline in members. Our members work in a vast number of capacities, which include those classifications normally associated with the electrical utility industry, as well as public sector classifications such as police dispatchers, public works, clerical positions and health, building and electrical inspectors to name a few.

The present Officers of Local 210 are: President Jake Bruno, Vice President Anthony Petito, Treasurer John Green, Recording Secretary Tony D’Angelo, Financial Secretary Walt Young and Business Manager Charlie Hill.


Executive Board Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of the Month Beginning at 5PM Location: Vineland Fire Co. #4

Union Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the Month Beginning at 6PM Location: Vineland Fire Co. #4